Extreme Cocobolo

Four cues,  two that are collector grade Cocobolo,  and two that is Museum Quailty Cocobolo. 
I'm waiting on a supply of special order cutters to do the inlay work on these cues.  The cutters
I ordered are super small and expensive,  but the resuts are worth it.  I will update this space as
the cutters come in and work progresses.

Four great Cocobolo Cues
Great Cocobolo
It doesn't get any nicer.

I Really Like these.


Other Cues : http://www.dpcues.com/category/35212772

Updates coming soon !!




  1. Kenney P on July 11, 2014 at 10:40 AM said:
    really love the cocobolo on these. ive been looking for a new stick for about 3 months. looks like its gonna be DP. cant wait to get my hands on one. thnx for putting up pics of how your cues are made, really helped my decision making.
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