The Cocobolo Brothers

Sometimes I build a group of cues that are special.  There is something that is cool and different about these groups.  Could be the design or inlay materials or,  as is the case this time,  the wood.  This group is called the Cocobolo Brothers.

Three of these cues are superior and better grade Cocobolo in a 6 point,  3 high and 3 low design.  The rings are simple but fit the elegance of this design.  These are pool cues that look like pool cues, no squiggily inlays or wild colors,  simple elegance.

The fourth cue is exhibition grade Cocobolo, with amazing ringwork and highend inlay materials.

The first one is the exhibition grade Cocobolo,  two through four are Superior or Better Grade Cocobolo.

The tops are AAAA Grade Curly Maple.

Keep watching,  I will add pictures as the cues are finished.

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