No, No, No !

I get this call once a week. Can I buy a joint screw, NO !

Then I get a million reasons why the caller needs a joint screw, cuemakers call it a Joint Pin.
Believe it or not I'm helping you.

Spinning a shaft on an electric drill on just a Joint Pin will wobble out the wood threads or loosen the brass insert in
other style shafts. It may not happen the first time but, over time the shaft will be ruined.

  • Clamping your drill in a vise will ruin the drill bearings

  • Your drill is way too slow, we spin shafts at about warp 9, in a lathe, to clean and polish them

  • You don't have the right stuff to seal the shaft and leaving it bare will warp it, period

You need something that looks like the end of you cue so that the shaft is fully supported,  no wobbling.

If the person working on your shafts doesn't know this...

Walk in my shop and I will clean your cue shafts and shape the tips for free,  is someone charging you ??

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