The Best Player I Have Seen Play

OK, I'm going to show my age here !!

The Best Nine Ball Player I have seen play in person was was Buddy Hall in his prime, 
it was Boring to watch!!  He was in line with perfect shape over and over and over again. 
He played with seemingly no effort,  it was like the cue ball had eyes and a purpose,
roll into perfect shape.

The Best One Pocker Player I ever saw play was "Chicage Buggs". 
His name in real life was Leonard Rucker,  in the pool hall he was simply know as "Bugs". 
I saw him play in a tournment in SC about 25 years ago,  I was mersemrized.

There were an are a lot of great others,  but these two guys are my personal high points.

Some Great Deals Here.

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