My First Limited Edition in 1996

Riding back from the Super Billiard Expo in 1995 I came up with the idea for a limited edition of 50 cues,  25 each in two different woods.   I selected Cocobolo and Ebony.  Back then it took months to do an adv in magazine so I didn't publish the cues until  January 1996.  I could tell where the magazine was being delivered across the country by where the phone calls came in from.  One day I sold 13 of these for $795.00, that was a good day in 1996.

Anyway the one in these cues walked into my shop about and hour ago, it is still in great shape, it is #9 of 25,  it was fun to see it again.

# 9 of 25

Original Advertisement

Back of the adv, say's they sold out in May of 1996.

Current cues here :


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