Boxwood Cue

Boxwood grows in Laos which is a very long way from Jacksonville Florida.  I bought these pieces in 1996,  I only bought 2 pieces so a Boxwood cue never made it into one of my brochures or advertisements .  Back then I mostly built cues from my catalogs or brochures and couldn't keep up with that, so things like this Boxwood were sometimes bought and then ignored.

I found these pieces the other day and decided to build a cue, I was pretty amazed when I started cutting this wood, it was like fine grained butter in both color and texture. I've never seen anything quite like it, have a look.

They look dirty on the ends because they came sealed in wax and dust sticks to the wax.

Cored and a cleaning pass to make them round.

A cue is created.

Butt inlays are cut.

Points are cut.

Finished,  see the whole cue here,


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