Why 14 Point Cues are Special or what is 51.1428

51.1458 is what you get when you divide 360 by 7.

There are 360 degrees in a circle, so if you want to make a 4 point cue you divide by 4 and get 90 degrees, a nice even number. 5 is 72 degrees, 6 is 60 degrees 8 is 45, 10 is 36, all nice even numbers. 

We build cues metal working equipment that for the most part works on even numbers. 20 years ago there were no 7 point cues. Then I built a machine could divide a circle in to 51800 parts. That let me accurately divide a circle into 7 parts, suddenly I could build 7 point cues and get this little gap right.

If that little gap between the points is off just a little bit the cue looks really bad. Back then there were maybe 3 guys in the world that could make a 7 point cues. 

A customer brought this page from a book that says you can't buy 7 point cues.

See a couple 14 pointer's here:  http://www.dpcues.com/category/35212772


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