Cocobolo is Going Away

Cocobolo is now subject to an International Treaty, and from what I can gather from many trades, guns, knives, birdcalls, etc.. no one will be importing it anymore.  Yea I have some,  but no supply lasts forever.  If you like Cocobolo now is the time.

This note is from the website of one of  the main suppliers in America:

This is the final shipment of Mexican Cocobolo that we will be getting.  There is too much political and internal conflict in Mexico to continue buying so this is the last chance to get some!  This is old stock that was pulled for rich colors and classic Mexican colors.  It is all kiln dried, surfaced on two sides, and ready to use.

Lots of you probably remember when the Ivory limitations happened, well this the samething.  Here is an story about the US crushing ivory:

It really doesn't matter where this is right or wrong, it just is... 

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