2011 Cue Maker of the Year

In 2011 I had a hand in helping pick Tim Scruggs as Cue Maker of the Year ( I was the head of the committee at the time). Tim doesn't make cues anymore, but I still enjoy seeing him at cue shows.  The first time I met him was in SC at the first American Cuemakers Association meeting,  about 20 years ago. I am one of the charter members of the ACA, as is Tim. The first meeting was at a huge One Pocket Tournment in a hotel that was closing for good the next week  Now our Annal Meetting is at the Allen Hopkins Show.

I was talking to another cuemaker and inquired about Tim,  I didn't know what he looked like at the time.  The other cuemaker kind of smiled and said he's right over there.  I turned and looked but there were pool players with pool cue cases everywhere.  Where I asked again,  there he pointed and leaning against the wall was this normal looking,  totally unassuming guy,  I don't know I expected....superman ?

I walked over and introduced myself and shook his hand.  Always a gentleman he pretended to have some idea who I was.  I was honored introduce him as Cue Maker of the Year in 2011.

Great Guy, Great Cues.

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