Product Review - - B.A.T. Shaper

The folks at Black King Tips have a new product, the B.A.T. Shaper. B.A.T. stands for Bridge, Aerator and Taper.  It's a 3 in one tool that actually works. It's nicely molded plastic that wouldn't scratch your cue.

First it's a Bridge Head, the mounting hole is a nice tight fit on a 13mm shaft. There are at least nine places to rest your cue when you have to reach.  If your tired of looking for a bridge in the pool hall putone of these in your bag.

Second it's a tip aerator with two sections, one with mild plastic spikes, the second has much more aggessive metal spikes and a lot of them.  Roughing up your tip will help it hold chalk without removing part of your expensive tip

Third it is a tip shaper, again with two dome shaped sections, one with a nickel radius and one with a dime radius, nice touch.  The shaper uses replaceable sandpaper abrasives,  if the clog up with leather just replace the abrasive.

Priced at around $22.00 I'd say this is a very good value. **** Four out of Four Stars

Super Rare Leather Wrapped  DP Cue
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