Summer Time Day Dreaming

This is the lodge at Yellowstone. Five stories of classic wood and stone, we stayed there a few summers ago. It's not that expensive but you have to have reservations a year in advance . We spent an amazingly civilized afternoon one day just hanging out in the open space. It is 5 stories of balconies and a open space by the huge fire place. They had tables full of games for the kids and the air was filled with is classic music played on a piano on the 3rd or 4th floor, by a nice lady that took requests. As I remember the kids requested something from the Harry Potter movies. Once an hour or so Old Faithful erupts and they have a second floor balcony over the front entrance, complete with benches and a bar.

The place just feels quiet, no TV, no phone, no radio, day old newspapers (sometimes not at all), no cell phones and no internet, truly a little slice of heaven.

Here is a link to the Old Faithful webcam.

Oh well, back to work.....

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