If you don't play snooker you should.  Smaller balls, a bigger table and rounded pockets, sounds like a nightmare,  it's the most fun you can have with a cue in my opinion.  In college there was a room between home and college,  they had a snooker table that was often the only game going on,  but there would be more people waiting to get in the6 red ball,  4 handed , team game,  than were actually playing. I have waited hours just to get in the game.  In the morning's there was a group of old guys who played for hours on end.  In the afternoon the car salesmen and insurance saleman would show up and play when they should have been working.  I got play before and after class so I  played in bothday  groups,  then at night it was singles with a little action.  Anyway here is a link to a perfect 147 point run. 

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