You do what?  Part 2

I'm a Cuemaker, how the heck did that happen you ask ,'s a long story.

In part one I talked about working as a banker and  I said I started building cue between the last two bank jobs.  Well... I started in ernest between the last 2 banks,  butthe story actually started with this article in 1986.

I played a lot of pool around 1986 and I saw this article,  I bought the magazine andI must have read that article a millioin times.  Over time I have proven that not a single word was useful for a professional cue maker. I don't know who "Tex Smith" was,  but he wasn't the type of cue maker I wanted to be.  But with article in hand I bought that first lathe and tried to make cues off and on for several years.  Finally between the last two jobs I had a month to get serious.  I bought a brand new metal lathe and fabricated a taper bar long enough to make a pool cue.  Back then you didn't buy cue making equipment you, built it.  Within six months I was sick of converting the single machine back and forth from tapering work to joint work,  so I bought another brand new lathe.  Now I was cramming all this stuff into a single car garage,  two metal lathes, the wood lathe, a table saw, and in a few months a manual panagragh.  I 'd open the garage door and spray cues with them hanging on the edge of the garage door.  "The first show"  next time.

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