20 years ago I bought a stack of Pink Ivory Wood,  this stuff is oh so rare and expensive.  Most of  it was Pink and not very nice, but there were these 5 or so pieces that were Red and a had a Curly Pattern.  I had never seen any before,  and I have never seen another piece.  So those pieces hung around,  last year I built some cues with those pieces and sold them,  using up what I thought was all I had,  but way in the back I found on last piece.  So I built a cue for myself,  I have very few of my own cues,  the last one I kept was the Artist Proof for my 10 year Anniversary Cue, that  more that 10 years ago.  I have been showing pics of the cue on facebook as I built it,  now it is finished, and I like it !!
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