Five Minutes with Shari Stauch
Shari is the Editor of Pool and Billiard Magazine, in other words she decides if that picture of you playing pool makes the magazine. I first met her in Texas at the very first American Cue makers Association' cue show. This week she is attending the Billiard Congress of America Expo in Chicago.
This the first time for the BCA Expo in Chicago, how do you like the new venue?

No it's not - we were here last year. It's very nice - rooms close to convention center, nice restaurants around, and of course this is my old stomping grounds so fun to see old friends and family.

Trade shows are all about new products, what is the coolest new thing you have seen?

Paul Gerni has an interesting telescoping bridge extension that fits in a cue case. Love the Aramith Fusion table - what's way cool about it is the ability to lower it from pool table height t o dining height through clever spring loaded legs… a GREAT option for the dining to pool conversion top.

There are a lot great cue and table makers in the Chicago area, have you seen a lot of industry people even if they aren't displaying at the Expo?

We have - it's like "old home week" here… Think the best "celebrity sighting" though had to be Jim Bakula, former BCA and Brunswick Billiards president. He came for a visit and at 78 years young any of us would swear he's still in his 50s - looks amazing and is upbeat as always.

How is the concession stand coffee?

Sucks :) But there's a Starbucks between the hotel and conference center walkway so it's all good :)

You're in Chicago, are you going to make it Buddy Guy's place?


Shari says: In summary - not many bodies at the show, but exhibitors still happily writing orders from those attending!

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