I cut up a lot of wood and sometimes you find special pieces.  I made 2 cues with really unusual and rare piecs of Bocote. 

The first has a Bull's Eye pattern just above the wrap,  I centered it in the middle of the cue for maximum effect.   http://www.dpcues.com/product/OTB

The second on has a pattern like birdseyes,  it is both wild and beautiful.  I have never seen a piece like this.  http://www.dpcues.com/product/BEB

You can put stuff in cues, turquoise, silver, gold etc, anyone can do that,  but to have really rare pieecs of wood is another thing,  this is the stuff collectors look crave.  I have priced these cues so that a player can buy them.

Birdseye Bocote



  1. Ron on July 7, 2013 at 3:12 PM said:
    That has got to be the most beautiful piece of wood I have ever seen. I glad it was used to create a useable piece of art. It is a great accomplishment that will be enjoyed for a long time. Love your work.
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