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  1. 14 Points in Blood Wood

    Bloodwood and Amboyna Burl made a beautiful combination for this 7 point up and 7 point down cue.  This cue was a special order that I had a great time building.

    7 points cues are unusual,  I explain why here :

    Amboyna Burl


    Amboyna Burl

    More cues here

  2. What is it and why would a cuemaker have one?

    Post the answer in the comment section here on my blog.  First correct answer gets a DP Tee Shirt.

    Hint: Gravity at Work

    Post your answer in the comment section here, not on Facebook.


  3. Extreme Cocobolo

    Four cues,  two that are collector grade Cocobolo,  and two that is Museum Quailty Cocobolo. 
    I'm waiting on a supply of special order cutters to do the inlay work on these cues.  The cutters
    I ordered are super small and expensive,  but the resuts are worth it.  I will update this space as
    the cutters come in and work progresses.

    Four great Cocobolo Cues
    Great Cocobolo
    It doesn't get any nicer.

    I Really Like these.


    Other Cues :

    Updates coming soon !!