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  1. A Completely New Design in Pictures

    A very thoughtful customer wanted a wrapless cue with alternating woods and points so I built him one. The was a completely new design in terms of both construction and design,  so I took a lot of pictures.  I ended up building 2 cues, twice the work but I think it was worth it. .

    I'll let the pictures tell the story.

    One Sunday afternoon during football season I built the parts.

    Parts glued up

    I took forever to cut this many points.

    Blanks with pockets.

    I like this design

    This one's for sale in the cue section of this site.

    Finished customer cue.

    Thanks for looking


  2. I watched Efren Reyes play a One Pocket Match last night for $6000

    I watched Efren Play a guy named Emmons a race to 7,  giving 9 to 6,  for $6000.  Where did I see this cool action?  Some local pool room, no. Some tournament or big time pool room, no.  I saw this live on my computer in my living room, it was live from last night from Hardtimes Billiards.  Someone put a link on Facebook,  I clicked and there it was.

    This is all new to me and pretty exciting too.  The people at  POV Poo l   were streaming this match live with great commentation.  I guess they charge for some shows,  but this one was free.  As I type this on Sunday afternoon they have some of the same type of coverage on for 4 more hours.  The link for the live shows is: .