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  1. Patience

    New wood is always exciting !

    Sometimes it's hard to wait, but I did, and finally the time came to cut this wood. I have been very excited about this wood ever since it got here. Peru is along way from Florida, but these boards look really comfortable in the DP wood room. I waited to talk about this until I had something in the works. We call this Pervian Blackwood an it is beautiful. Keep watching I will update the blog and show the cues as they progressed along.

  2. Amboyna Cue

    I decided on my fourteen point design for the Amboyna Cue, that is seven up and seven down. This is kind of a famous design because way back when I was one of the very few cue makers that could do seven points.

    Back then four points was normal, that's indexed (rotated ) 90 degrees for each point. Five was special, that is at 72 degrees, but seven is a different animal. Seven is indexed at 51.1428 degrees, very few cue makers could do it. I made several series of fourteen point cues, most went to Japan, they all went to cue collectors.

    That piece of Curly Maple in the pictures will part of the design. That was sent to me by a supplier many years ago to use as a display piece. That is most special piece of Curly I have ever seen, time to put it in a cue.

    Simple and clean with great wood,  I like it.


  3. Cocobolo is Going Away

    Cocobolo is now subject to an International Treaty, and from what I can gather from many trades, guns, knives, birdcalls, etc.. no one will be importing it anymore.  Yea I have some,  but no supply lasts forever.  If you like Cocobolo now is the time.

    This note is from the website of one of  the main suppliers in America:

    This is the final shipment of Mexican Cocobolo that we will be getting.  There is too much political and internal conflict in Mexico to continue buying so this is the last chance to get some!  This is old stock that was pulled for rich colors and classic Mexican colors.  It is all kiln dried, surfaced on two sides, and ready to use.

    Lots of you probably remember when the Ivory limitations happened, well this the samething.  Here is an story about the US crushing ivory:

    It really doesn't matter where this is right or wrong, it just is... 

  4. 2011 Cue Maker of the Year

    In 2011 I had a hand in helping pick Tim Scruggs as Cue Maker of the Year ( I was the head of the committee at the time). Tim doesn't make cues anymore, but I still enjoy seeing him at cue shows.  The first time I met him was in SC at the first American Cuemakers Association meeting,  about 20 years ago. I am one of the charter members of the ACA, as is Tim. The first meeting was at a huge One Pocket Tournment in a hotel that was closing for good the next week  Now our Annal Meetting is at the Allen Hopkins Show.

    I was talking to another cuemaker and inquired about Tim,  I didn't know what he looked like at the time.  The other cuemaker kind of smiled and said he's right over there.  I turned and looked but there were pool players with pool cue cases everywhere.  Where I asked again,  there he pointed and leaning against the wall was this normal looking,  totally unassuming guy,  I don't know I expected....superman ?

    I walked over and introduced myself and shook his hand.  Always a gentleman he pretended to have some idea who I was.  I was honored introduce him as Cue Maker of the Year in 2011.

    Great Guy, Great Cues.

  5. Spalted Cocobolo

    These pieces of Cocobolo are very unusual,  they have a split personally. Part Cocoobolo grain and part a rich solid grain.  I'm going to make cues with these by leaving the wood alone and letting the two grains compete for attention,  I'm not going to put a butt cap on these,  the wood is rock hard and I it will be interesting to see  the two textures run right out of the back of the cue.

    Keep watching an I'll post pictures as these move along,  the cues are almost finished now.