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  1. A Great Cuemaker Is Gone

    Mr. Tad Kohara has passed.

    Tad,  as he and his cues were universally known,  was a legend.  I met him many times,  he was always very nice to me,  once at a LA show he even bought me sushi.  He was a kind and gentle man and his cues are legendary. He will be missed.

    A beautiful Tad Cue.

  2. Something New

    How often do you see something really new, not simply rearranged, but new.

    I know, not very often, me either.

    I constantly search for new ideas, new technique’s, new materials or simply new ideas. I look at other industries, I look at art, I look at landscape designs, I look at architecture, I travel, any place I can think of for inspiration.

    Well this time I looked to the sky in a big Florida thunder storm, I saw lightening.

    I have never seen that in cue...ever. Oh, I've seen cartoonist looking lightening bolts as inlays. This is different, I have created lightening in a cue. Each cue has a different pattern, just as in nature. 

    Each cue has bright lightening bolts against a jet black sky, just like I saw on that dark and stormy night.

    See the whole cue here: