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  1. What is it and why would a Cuemaker have one ?
    Well actually I have two. 

    That is the valve body for a large air compressor.  I have 2 compressors wired together so that they act as one.  That way when one fails I still have some air.  Almost everything we do when making a cue requires compressed air.   That part failed and had to be replaced.  So I drove across town to buy this part, when I got ready to install it here.

    The gaskets were broken, so I had to drive all the way back across town for good gaskets.  They also sold me the wrong intake filters,  so there is another drive in the future, the fix was $350 plus half a day.

  2. There's Zebrawood and then there's Great Zebrawood

    Zebrawood is usually available to me,  but suddenly my supplier had nothing but boring,  grainless pieces.  No way I'm going to buy bad wood.  So the search started and I found a new guy with a supply like this, or at least he claims to have a supply like this.  All I know is that the first pieces I got are amazing.

    I'll post pictures when the cues are finished
  3. Summer Time Day Dreaming

    This is the lodge at Yellowstone. Five stories of classic wood and stone, we stayed there a few summers ago. It's not that expensive but you have to have reservations a year in advance . We spent an amazingly civilized afternoon one day just hanging out in the open space. It is 5 stories of balconies and a open space by the huge fire place. They had tables full of games for the kids and the air was filled with is classic music played on a piano on the 3rd or 4th floor, by a nice lady that took requests. As I remember the kids requested something from the Harry Potter movies. Once an hour or so Old Faithful erupts and they have a second floor balcony over the front entrance, complete with benches and a bar.

    The place just feels quiet, no TV, no phone, no radio, day old newspapers (sometimes not at all), no cell phones and no internet, truly a little slice of heaven.

    Here is a link to the Old Faithful webcam.

    Oh well, back to work.....

  4. DP Custom Cues catches it's first shark of Shark Week

  5. Shark Week At DP Cues

    I am in Florida,  so why not a shark week cue.  Here is the drawing.

  6. They Lie

    The radio say's its 91 outside.

    This is just outside my front door.

  7. Maybe my favorite place on earth

    It was 99 in the shade here yesterday,  of course my shop is air conditioned,  but just walking to the mail box was almost unbearable.  But I bet it was nice in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I love that place,  nice in the summer and beautiful in the winter and just a hour or so from Yellow Stone. 

    Jacksonville, Florida...Jackon Hole Wyoming, similiar names maybe but everything else is different. 

    I watch these webcams all the time.
  8. Monday Mornings

    We sell stuff 7 days as week,  so on Mondays we ship a bunch of cues.

    It's a lot of work, print the paper work, match a shaft to the butt, weight the cue, make any changes to the cue, tip, etc.  Wrap and box the cues, print labels and be ready for UPS in the afternoon.

    But we appreciate every sale.

  9. Lanterns Released

    This is a new Oriental themed cue I have been working,  Lanterns and Dragons, there is a ton of work in this cue, but I like it.  These pictures are of the cue right off the turning machine,  so they may look a little rough,  but that is part of seeing the process of cuemaking.